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Discussing the Numbers


Need to bounce ideas off of another small business owner? Have questions about taxes, bookkeeping, or account? I am here to help.

Pricing Details

Initial consultation


We will use this time for you and me to see if my services are a good fit for you. My goal is to have a collaborative, ongoing relationship with my clients, so think of this as a two-way interview.

One-off or ongoing conversations


Use this time as you see fit. Get answers to specific questions, bounce business ideas, find out about financial and tax implications of business decisions.

QuickBooks implementation


I set up your new QuickBooks Online and/or QuickBooks Online Payroll system.

For QuickBooks Online, I can convert you from an existing system or spreadsheets, or I can set up a brand new system for a brand new business. I help you determine which subscription level is right for you, and best of all, new clients receive a discount off of list price on an ongoing basis when I set up your QuickBooks Online subscription.

QuickBooks Online Payroll also has multiple subscription options, and I can help you choose the best for your situation. QuickBooks Online Payroll can be run in concert with QuickBooks Online or as a standalone product.

Consulting: List
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