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Tax Preparation Process

100% virtual, so you never have to leave home


Submit documents and data through a secure online platform


Meet for a brief video or phone call to review your tax returns and answer any questions you have


Approve and pay online

Have a more complicated tax situation we need to discuss? No problem! I am happy to meet before, during, and after your tax return is complete - whatever it takes!


Tax Preparation - Personal

Tax preparation fees for individuals are calculated based on income and return complexity. Prices start at $99. More details here.

Tax Preparation - Entities

Tax preparation fees for entities (partnerships, estates/trusts, exempt organizations, or S-corps) are based on the size of the organization and the time required to complete the return. More details here.

  • Where are you located? What states can you file taxes in?
    I am physically located in Columbus, Ohio, so a lot of my clients are from this area. However, I can file for clients in all 50 states and have done so in many of them. All of my tax services are virtual, so it makes no difference if you are in Columbus, Ohio, or Columbus, Georgia.
  • Can I pay my tax preparation fees out of my tax refund?
    No. This is no longer a service I offer.
  • Why does income level affect the cost of a personal tax return?
    There are two reasons I take income level into account. The simple answer is that generally the higher an individual or family's income, the more complex the tax situation will be, which results in more time for me to complete. However, the larger answer is that I believe all individuals and families deserve to have their taxes prepared professionally at an affordable price. This sliding scale price allows me to provide my services to all individuals and families at a price that is accessible.
  • Couldn't I just do my taxes myself for free? Why would I pay you?
    Absolutely you can! Check out my page on DIY tax prep for tips. ​ While it is possible for everyone to do their taxes on their own if they choose, many people find that it is worth a small fee for the time savings and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your taxes were done correctly. Every return I complete comes with audit assurance, so you can rest easy knowing that if the IRS ever comes knocking, I have you covered. See below for additional information on audit assurance.
  • What if I get audited?
    Every tax return I complete comes with audit assurance, which means that if you receive an audit or notice from the IRS or state, you can bring it back to me to handle for you. Notices, letters, and audits received for three years from the April filing deadline are covered. There is no additional cost for this service. This applies to personal tax returns (form 1040), estates and trusts (form 1041), partnerships (form 1065), and S-corporations (form 1120-S) only.
  • Are there any other services included in tax preparation?
    Yes! All individuals on a tax return (including spouse and dependents, if applicable) are eligible for identity theft restoration services for one year after the tax return is filed. Identity theft restoration services include 24/7 access to identity theft restoration advocates, notifications to banks and agencies if other forms of ID were stolen, fraud alerts on credit records, and daily credit monitoring from all three bureaus for 6 months after ID theft has been reported. There is no additional cost for this service. This applies to personal tax returns (form 1040) only.
  • What other tax guidelines do you follow?
    I strive to follow best practices as set forth by the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) and the IRS. In addition, New York state has a list of consumer bill of rights that I meet for all of my clients, regardless of what state they are in.
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